My story ‘Criminal’ is nominated by ‘Heavy Feather Review’ for ‘Best Short Fiction of 2022’, January 2022


Thank you so much, Jason Teal


“Drive By” was nominated by “Midway Journal” for “The Best Short Fiction Anthology”, November 2021


Thank you so much, Ralph Pennel and Midway Journal, for nominating “Drive By” for The Best Short Fiction Anthology, November 2021

“Vast Knots of Miscellaneous Lives” is published in “Nixes Mate Review Anthology 2021”, November 2021

Thank you, Annie Pluto and Michael McInnis for publishing Vast Knots of Miscellaneous Lives in The Nixes Mate Review Anthology 2021, November 2021! LOVE!

Calamari Press Inc. and Sleepingfish Magazine 2020 published 3 stories: “Plunge, Uniformity of Taste, Arteries Migrate Toward Extinction, November 15, 2021


Thank you so much, Derek White and Garielle Lutz for publishing 3 of my stories in Calamari Press/Sleepingfish Magazine 2020, November 15 2021


Youtube Video of BG workshop at Cedar Valley, WI, September 11-17th 2021 with Meg Tuite and Robert Vaughan via

With Robert Vaughan and Meg Tuite

Bill Soldan, Jennifer Vanderheyden, Jonathan Cardew, Wilson Koeing, Al Kratz, Lucy Logsdon, Jennifer Rupp, Marie Kohler, Michael Timm, Bob Ninneman

My story “Spree”, originally published in X-R-A-Y Magazine, will be published in “The Best of Small Fiction 2021 Anthology”, April 2021