My story ‘Criminal’ is nominated by ‘Heavy Feather Review’ for ‘Best Short Fiction of 2022’, January 2022   Thank you so much, Jason Teal   … Continue reading

“Drive By” was nominated by “Midway Journal” for “The Best Short Fiction Anthology”, November 2021   Thank you so much, Ralph Pennel and Midway Journal, for nominating “Drive By” for The Best Short Fiction Anthology, November 2021 … Continue reading

“His Gestures May Be Unremarkable” is nominated for Best of the Net by “Midway Review”, September 2019

His Gestures May Be Unremarkable Midway Journal and Ralph Pennel nominated His Gestures May Be UnremarkableĀ for Best of the Net, September 2019! Thank you so much! … Continue reading

“Ink In Thirds” nominated my story “Music Absorbs What the Body Can’t” for 2019 Best Short Fiction, November 2018

Nominations – 2019 Ink In Thirds nominated my story “Music Absorbs But the Body Can’t” for 2019 Best Short Fiction. Thank you so much, Grace Black! LOVE! xoxo … Continue reading

Honored to be ‘author of the week’ at Red Fez literary review, September 2017

Thank you, Doc Sigerson and Red Fez, for honoring me with the ‘author of the week’! I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I have published two stories in Red Fez over the years that can be … Continue reading