‘Exquisite Duet’ is now published in JMWW. Peter Schwartz and Bill Yarrow, June 2013

http://jmww.150m.com/Duet2.html Exquisite Duet is now published in JMWW, June 2013 Peter Schwartz, future tense and Bill Yarrow, Drunk Sonnet published at JMWW, June 2013 for the summer issue. … Continue reading

Exquisite Duet is up at Used Furniture Review: Tyehimba Jess and Jeanann Verlee, April 2013

http://usedfurniturereview.com/2013/04/24/meg-tuites-exquisite-duet-tyehimba-jess-and-jeanann-verlee/ Exquisite Duet published in Used Furniture Review, April 2013, Infernal by Tyehimba Jess and The Manic Entreats Her Lover by Jeanann Verlee. Pure brilliance! … Continue reading

‘Exquisite Duet’ Column for March, 2013 published in Used Furniture Review, Michelle Reale, Heather Fowler

http://usedfurniturereview.com/2013/03/22/meg-tuites-exquisite-duet-michelle-reale-and-heather-fowler/ Exquisite Duet is published in Used Furniture Review with Michelle Reale and Heather Fowler, March 2013 … Continue reading

Exquisite Duet, February 2013, Mary Stone Dockery and David Tomaloff, Used Furniture Review

http://usedfurniturereview.com/2013/02/27/meg-tuites-exquisite-duet-david-tomaloff-and-mary-stone-dockery/ Exquisite Duet for February 2013, David Tomaloff and Mary Stone Dockery, published in Used Furniture Review. … Continue reading