“Vast Knots of Miscellaneous Lives’ is published in “Nixes Mate Review”, Issue 16/17 covid 2020, January 2021

Vast Knots of Miscellaneous Lives ยท Meg Tuite Today is pleasurably mute, infused with the stillness of the manswarm. There pervades a comforting lack of voices on a late Sunday afternoon. That point outside when darkness clings to the last … Continue reading

Honorable Mention in ‘New Millenniums 42nd Awards’ for my flash ‘The Only Place to Go is Inward’, November 2016

https://www.newmillenniumwritings.org/winners-and-finalists?utm_source=New+Millennium+Writings%27+Tidings&utm_campaign=d4d6b12249-42nd_Flash_Fiction_Announcement11_6_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c13f1676a5-d4d6b12249-123110633&goal=0_c13f1676a5-d4d6b12249-123110633#3https://www.newmillenniumwritings.org/winners-and-finalists?utm_source=New+Millennium+Writings%27+Tidings&utm_campaign=d4d6b12249-42nd_Flash_Fiction_Announcement11_6_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c13f1676a5-d4d6b12249-123110633&goal=0_c13f1676a5-d4d6b12249-123110633#3 Received an Honorable Mention for a flash “The only Place to Go is Inward” from “New Millenniums 42nd Awards”, November 2016 … Continue reading

Goodreads giveaway: 5 copies of ‘Lined Up Like Scars,’ available through 3/29, February 21, 2016

https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/174896-lined-up-like-scars Goodreads giveaway: 5 copies of Lined Up Like Scars published with Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press (University of Chester). Just go to the link and hit the giveaway button to get in on the offer. I hope you … Continue reading

Interview w/ Bonnie Zobell’s “West Coast Series,” February 2015

http://bonniezobell.com/bonnie-zobell-blog/4497/ Interview w/ Bonnie Zobell in her West Coast Series about Her Skin is a Costume. Thank you so much, Bonnie Zobell! … Continue reading

‘Why I write flash fiction,’ published at Everydayfiction.com, October 2014

http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog/why-i-write-flash-fiction-tuite/ Why I write flash fiction published at Everydayfiction.com, October 2014 Thank you so much, Jim Harrington, for the invitation.   … Continue reading