Radio interview with Bud Smith on The Literary Underground, “The Unknown Show,” December 2013 On the Unknown Show with Bud Smith. Guests include David McNamara, Steven Gowin and me. Thank you so much, Bud Smith, for a damn great time! LOVE your show … Continue reading

The Santa Fe Literary Review-2013 issue is now available, July 2013 The Santa Fe Literary Review 2013 issue is now published, July 2013 Thank you, Miriam Sagan, Sudasi Clement and all for a great issue! I have an interview in there with the exquisite Sheila O’Connor, along with one of … Continue reading

Magnanimous Portraits

Check out my website: Over 150 different collage images of writers, musicians, philosophers, artists, innovators and spiritual leaders! The highest quality t-shirts in an array of vibrant colors. Long sleeve, short sleeve, men’s, women’s, children’s sizes in great … Continue reading