Dominique Christina’s poetry/slam videos/interview published in Connotation Press in Meg Tuite’s column, ‘Crazy Rabbit Review’ May 1st, 2017 … Continue reading

“Standing Together” video is published in Crazy Rabbit Review on Connotation Press, January 15, 2017 Standing Together is a video published in Connotation Press, January 2017 in Crazy Rabbit Review with: Bethany W. Pope, Jordan Blum, Jack Cooper, Joanne Adams, Indigo Moor, Lidia Yuknavitch, Malacki Rodriguez, Meg Tuite, Jesse Bradley, Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, David … Continue reading

“Women Inspire”: a video published in Connotation Press in Crazy Rabbit Review, November 2016 WOMEN INSPIRE: a video published in Connotation Press in my column Crazy Rabbit Review, November 2016 Thank you to Ken Robidoux for putting this together The women: Larissa Shmailo, Meg Tuite, Karen Stefano, Dianca London Potts, Kari Nguyen, Emily … Continue reading

“Fingerprints” is an ekphrastic piece published in video form with the art work of Jake Sandi and the video put together by the amazing poet, Michael Cooper, May 2016 My piece “Fingerprints” is an ekphrastic piece inspired by the brilliant art of Jake Sandi and put together by the brilliant poet, Michael Cooper with his music in video form! Thank you so much, Jake and Michael, for this … Continue reading

Women Who Flash Their Lit Part I: Video interview with Meg Tuite, Kathy Fish, Nancy Stohlman, Kona Morris: Hosted by April Bradley/Bartleby Snopes, December 2015 in Denver

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Video book trailer for “Grace Notes” by Marc Swoon Neys: David Tomaloff, Meg Tuite, 2015   Video book trailer for Grace Notes by the brilliant Marc (Swoon) Neys: David Tomaloff reading his poem: Meg Tuite poetic prose on screen, 2015 Grace Notes published by Unknown Press, Bud Smith, November 2015 … Continue reading

Video snippet of reading at the Sunday Salon: NYC, May 2014 May 18th, 2014: Sunday Salon reading: video snippet. Reading with Julia Fierro, Jenny Offill, Alden Jones and Mimi Lipson. Thank you, Nita Noveno and Sara Lippmann, for the invitation! What a blast!   … Continue reading

“Hemisphere” is published in “Amethyst Arsenic,” along with a video reading of the poem, Winter 2014 Issue 4.1, January 2014 Hemisphere is published in Amethyst Arsenic, Winter Issue 2014, 4.1, January 2014 Video reading of the poem and in print Guest editors, Kristine Ong-Muslim and Rosebud Ben-Oni and Samantha Milowsky … Continue reading

My flash piece, ‘Circling the Flame,’ in collaboration with Jamez Chang’s music, November 2013 Thank you so much Jamez Chang for working one of my flash stories, Circling the Flame, into your music! Very exciting! November, 2013 … Continue reading