“The World Gravitates Toward the Ditch,” was an Honorable Mention in GlimmerTrain’s Very Short Fiction Contest, April 2017

My story “The World Gravitates Toward the Ditch” was an Honorable Mention in GlimmerTrain Very Short Fiction Contest for April 2017 http://www.glimmertrain.com/pages/finalists/2017_03_04_mar_apr_vsf_hm.php … Continue reading

Bending Genres writing workshop at Synergia Ranch in Santa Fe, NM, Sept. 1-7, 2017, with Meg Tuite and Robert Vaughan

Writing Workshop Home … Continue reading

Dominique Christina’s poetry/slam videos/interview published in Connotation Press in Meg Tuite’s column, ‘Crazy Rabbit Review’ May 1st, 2017

http://www.connotationpress.com/crazy-rabbits-review/3011-dominique-christina-poetry … Continue reading

Story published in Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief Anthology, March 2017

  Out now! Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief. Funny Bone is an anthology of 60 flashes by 60 of the world’s leading flashers. Profits go to Comic Relief, a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of … Continue reading

Top ten list of authors: published in Literary Orphans, February 2017

http://literaryorphans.org/ttl/2016-year-end-top-ten-series-two-meg-tuite/ Top ten list of authors published in Literary Orphans: Thank you, Brittany Warren, February 2017 … Continue reading

b(OINK) literary magazine published ‘Shaking, But Still Driving,’ Meg Tuite, Jan 2017

http://boinkzine.com/2017/01/02/shaking-but-still-driving/ b(OINK) literary magazine debut issue published Shaking, But Still Driving, Meg Tuite, January 2017 Thank you, Robert Vaughan! great magazine! … Continue reading

Kellie Wells is the featured fiction writer for January 1st 2017 published in Connotation Press, Crazy Rabbit Review

http://www.connotationpress.com/crazy-rabbits-review/2931-kellie-wells-fiction Kellie Wells is the brilliant featured fiction writer for January 1st, 2016 published in Connotation Press, Crazy Rabbit Review … Continue reading

b(OINK) lit magazine, January 2017 issue, ‘voice’ column

http://boinkzine.com/voices/ b(OINK) debut issue: January 2016, voice column, Meg Tuite: What is the most interesting/strange/wild statement or question someone has made in your presence? Check out answers from: Sara Lippmann, Michael Seidlinger, Ben Tanzer, Lex Williford, Emily Stern, Sally Reno, … Continue reading

“Three Wise Sisters” up at People Holding, December 2016

Three Wise Sisters is up at People Holding, December 2016 Thank you, Morgan Beatty!!!! And up there with Sara Lippmann, Kathy Fish, and Bud Smith! Three Wise Sisters • Meg Tuite … Continue reading