“Eurail Pass” was published in Train Write, April 22, 2011 — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Meg

    I see you are really getting along – sorry famous with your writing, what a pleasure and joy it must be for you. I was looking at a you tube video “Leader of men”………….Gosh it is so strange to see you so serious – sorry I do not remember you like that…….well I understand it is the story – YOUR story and listening to the content you can not be laughing…….. Nevertheless I can still hear your laughter full of joy, and that is probably what I am missing;-)

    By the way I can not find you anymore on facebook are you on or not?

    Your Blog is very interesting, I read a few of your stories, I like the one on the Euro rail…….

    All the best to you and a lot of thrill and fulfilment in your writing,


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