My short story collection, “Meet My Haze” is now available to order, April 2018

My short story collection, “Meet My Haze” is now available to order through or, April 2018

Meet My Haze is filled with stories that live between fire, family, the torque of a heart, and tenderness. Meg Tuite shows us the inside-out of our domestic lives, loves, and misadventures, making the hairs on my arms shoot up, or a knot made of art and fuck get stuck in my throat. These are the micro moments that make us. This book made my whole body vibrate.” –Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Book of Joan

“In Meet My Haze, Meg Tuite is writing with one foot in the land of the living and one foot in the land of the dead. And she’s doing it so tenderly that the boundary is blurred, allowing us to cross over and back. We become the dead, which means we also become more alive through her passages. Meg Tuite says in here, “It’s a parade of the lonely.” That’s what each piece of this collection is doing, marching down our streets in a celebratory/grieving journey like a second line funeral in New Orleans.” –Steven Dunn, author of Potted Meat and water & power

Was accepted to the Lit Fest Master Class w/ Steve Almond in Denver, March 2018

Got this in my email: “Congratulations, Meg. Hundreds of writers from all over the world (seriously!) applied for spots in our 2018 Lit Fest Master Classes, and your application for the master workshop with Steve Almond has been selected for a spot by our jury. Yay for you!”
I’m looking forward to it! LOVE!