“Standing Together” video is published in Crazy Rabbit Review on Connotation Press, January 15, 2017


Standing Together is a video published in Connotation Press, January 2017 in Crazy Rabbit Review with:

Bethany W. Pope, Jordan Blum, Jack Cooper, Joanne Adams, Indigo Moor, Lidia Yuknavitch, Malacki Rodriguez, Meg Tuite, Jesse Bradley, Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, David Snow, Kari Nguyen, Ramon Lovato, Sam Snoek-Brown, Teisha Twomey, Robert Vaughan, Len Kuntz, Cynthia Lee Ameli, Paul Beckman, Emily Stern, Frankie Stern, Laura Stride, Anne Elizabeth, Leif Miller, Kevin Ridgeway, Joani Reese, April Bradley, Sheldon Lee Compton, Matthew Tuite, Josie Adams, Vivian Faith Prescott, Cass McMain

Published in Connotation Press and put together by Ken Robidoux & Meg Tuite

b(OINK) literary magazine published ‘Shaking, But Still Driving,’ Meg Tuite, Jan 2017


b(OINK) literary magazine debut issue published Shaking, But Still Driving, Meg Tuite, January 2017

Thank you, Robert Vaughan! great magazine!

Kellie Wells is the featured fiction writer for January 1st 2017 published in Connotation Press, Crazy Rabbit Review


Kellie Wells is the brilliant featured fiction writer for January 1st, 2016 published in Connotation Press, Crazy Rabbit Review

b(OINK) lit magazine, January 2017 issue, ‘voice’ column


b(OINK) debut issue: January 2016, voice column, Meg Tuite:

What is the most interesting/strange/wild statement or question someone has made in your presence?

Check out answers from: Sara Lippmann, Michael Seidlinger, Ben Tanzer, Lex Williford, Emily Stern, Sally Reno, Meg Tuite, April Bradley, Ken McPherson, Dale Wisely

Exquisite Duet with Jen Michalski and Elise Levine, December 2016, published in JMWW Journal


Exquisite Duet with Jen Michalski and Elise Levine, December 2016, published in JMWW Journal!

BRILLIANT!! Thank you, Jen, for publishing Exquisite Duet column in JMWW! LOVE!!

exquisite duet photo for JMWW

Honorable Mention in ‘New Millenniums 42nd Awards’ for my flash ‘The Only Place to Go is Inward’, November 2016


Received an Honorable Mention for a flash “The only Place to Go is Inward” from “New Millenniums 42nd Awards”, November 2016