My poem “Sorry but I’ve witnessed what’s under your suburban bruises,” is in a short film collaboration with Marc Neys, published in AwkWord Paper Cut Magazine, Debut issue, April 2013 My poem Sorry but I’ve witnessed what’s under your suburban bruises was recorded in a collaborative short film with the amazing, Marc (Swoon) Neys!¬†Published in the debut issue of AwkWord Paper Cuts! Thank you so much, Michael Dickes for … Continue reading

Great review of ‘Estuary.’ And on my poem ‘Unsheathed Behind Locked Doors.’ Review of¬†Estuary: A Confluence of Art & Poetry. Thank you for including my poem, Unsheathed Behind Locked Doors. … Continue reading

Exquisite Duet is up at Used Furniture Review: Tyehimba Jess and Jeanann Verlee, April 2013 Exquisite Duet published in Used Furniture Review, April 2013, Infernal by Tyehimba Jess and The Manic Entreats Her Lover by Jeanann Verlee. Pure brilliance! … Continue reading

“The Total Eclipse of a Life Too Toxic to Look Directly Into,’ is published in ‘The Delinquent,’ Issue 20, April 2013 My poem, The Total Eclipse of a Life Too Toxic To Look Directly Into, is published in The Delinquent, UK, Issue 20, April 2013 … Continue reading

“How Undead Can You See?” is published in ‘The Commonline Journal,’ April 2013 How Undead Can You See? is published in The Commonline Journal, April, 2013 Thank you, Ada Fetters, for publishing my poem in your excellent journal! … Continue reading