“Moving Poems,” interprets Marc Neys video of poems by David Tomaloff and me from our chap, “Everything But the Sky,” April 2015

http://movingpoems.com/2015/04/everything-but-the-sky-poems-by-david-tomaloff-and-meg-tuite/ Moving Poems interprets Marc Neys video that combines a poem of David Tomaloff and a prose poem by Meg Tuite from our chapbook. “Everything But the Sky.” April 2015 … Continue reading

Exquisite Duet with Helene Cardona and Myfanwy Collins published in JMWW, April 2015

https://jmwwblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/exquisite-duet-helene-cardona-and-myfanwy-collins/ Thank you, Myfanwy Collins and Helene Cardona for your two exceptional poems, Gigo and All the Sweetness in the World. Exquisite Duet for April published in JMWW. Thank you, Jen Michalski! April, 2015     … Continue reading

Interview with Gay Degani on guest judging the flash fiction contest at Flash Fiction Chronicles, April 2015

http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog/string-of-ten-7-interview-with-guest-judge-meg-tuite/ An interview with Gay Degani on guest judging the String-of-ten-7-flash contest at Flash Fiction Chronicles Thank you, Jim Harrington and Gay Degani, for the invitation to judge. … Continue reading