The Exquisite Quartet story, “Living Off the Man,” was published in Used Furniture Review, Sept. 2012 The Exquisite Quartet story for September, Living Off the Man, was published in Used Furniture Review. A collaboration by Neil Serven, Misti Rainwater-Lite, Aleathia Drehmer and me. Thank you so much to David Cotrone for publishing us. Sept. 2012 … Continue reading

“Nothing But Up,” is the Exquisite Quartet story, May 2012, published in Used Furniture Review Nothing But Up is the Exquisite Quartet story for May, 2012. Great collaboration with Angelle Scott, Joseph Quintela, Andrea Carlisle and me. Published in Used Furniture Review. … Continue reading

“Supernatural Tyranny of Artistic Subterfuge,” is the April Exquisite Quartet story published in Used Furniture Review, April 2012 Supernatural Tyranny of Artistic Subterfuge is the April collaborative story for Exquisite Quartet up at Used Furniture Review, April 2012. Thank you so much, James Claffey, Kevin Ridgeway and Larry O. Dean for joining me this month! Great story! … Continue reading