b(OINK) literary magazine published ‘Shaking, But Still Driving,’ Meg Tuite, Jan 2017

http://boinkzine.com/2017/01/02/shaking-but-still-driving/ b(OINK) literary magazine debut issue published Shaking, But Still Driving, Meg Tuite, January 2017 Thank you, Robert Vaughan! great magazine! … Continue reading

b(OINK) lit magazine, January 2017 issue, ‘voice’ column

http://boinkzine.com/voices/ b(OINK) debut issue: January 2016, voice column, Meg Tuite: What is the most interesting/strange/wild statement or question someone has made in your presence? Check out answers from: Sara Lippmann, Michael Seidlinger, Ben Tanzer, Lex Williford, Emily Stern, Sally Reno, … Continue reading

My poem “Sorry but I’ve witnessed what’s under your suburban bruises,” is in a short film collaboration with Marc Neys, published in AwkWord Paper Cut Magazine, Debut issue, April 2013

http://awkwordpapercut.weebly.com/meg-tuite.html My poem Sorry but I’ve witnessed what’s under your suburban bruises was recorded in a collaborative short film with the amazing, Marc (Swoon) Neys!¬†Published in the debut issue of AwkWord Paper Cuts! Thank you so much, Michael Dickes for … Continue reading