A re-generation of work titled “Tangle Two Strings in Front of the Pelvis and See.” Up at Rigor mort.us, March, 2012

http://www.rigormort.us/2012/03/tangle-two-strings-in-front-of-the-pelvis-and-see-meg-tuite.html A re-generation of Bill Yarrow and Len Kuntz’s work up at Rigor mort.us, Tangle Two Strings in Front of the Pelvis and See, March 2012 … Continue reading

November’s Exquisite Quartet, “Safekeeping,” is up at Used Furniture Review, 11/11/11

http://usedfurniturereview.com/2011/11/11/safekeeping-by-meg-tuites-exquisite-quartet/ The November Exquisite Quartet story, “Safekeeping,” was published at Used Furniture Review. Great collaborative by Eryk Wenziak, Ryan W. Bradley, Gill Hoffs and me. … Continue reading