Reading in Denver at the F-Bomb (Mercury Cafe) Nov. 13, 2013 Can’t wait to read in Denver at the F-Bomb event (Mercury Cafe) November 13, 2013 with Jamey Trotter, Nancy Stohlman and others. Thank you, Jamey T. for the invite! … Continue reading

Video reading from my book launch, November 2, 2013, Santa Fe, NM Meg Tuite reading Breaking the Code and Eurail Pass at the book launch for Bound By Blue and Her Skin is a Costume, November 2, 2013, Back Road Pizza, Santa Fe, NM … Continue reading

“Thirteen,” was republished up at ‘The New Graffiti,’ Jan. 2013 Thank you, Timothy Gager Thirteen was republished in The New Graffiti, January 2013 (I was asked what was the grittiest story I have ever written. Well, here it is!) Thank you, Timothy Gager, for publishing¬†Thirteen in your blog! Originally published at Santa Fe … Continue reading

Exquisite Quartet Anthology 2012 is now available for purchase. January 2013 Exquisite Quartet Anthology 2012 is available for purchase. An outstanding group of writers: Mary Stone Dockery, Alex Pruteanu, Kristine Ong Muslim, Ben Tanzer, Len Kuntz, James Claffey, Timothy Gager, Kevin Ridgeway, Linda Hedrick, Angelle Scott, Joseph A.W. Quintela, Andrea … Continue reading

“Happy Holidays” is the December 2012 Exquisite Quartet story published in Used Furniture Review Happy Holidays is the December Exquisite Quartet story published in Used Furniture Review, December 2012. Collaborative by Dena Rash Guzman, Timothy Gager, Robin Stratton and me. … Continue reading

“Burton: circa 1956: New Year’s Eve” and “Emmett’s Escape,” are both published in “In Those Days We.. Anthology” November 2012 Burton: circa 1956: New Year’s Eve and Emmett’s Escape: 1940, Bainbridge, MD, Boot Camp are published in the anthology¬†In Those Days We… of photography and prose. Thank you so much, Jennifer Tomaloff, for publishing my stories in your anthology. … Continue reading

My story “Home Visit,” is published in “Up the Staircase Quarterly,” November 2012 My story Home Visit is published in Up the Staircase Quarterly, Issue 19, November 2012 Thank you so much Stephanie Bryant Anderson and April Michelle Bratten!!! … Continue reading