“Where The Street Meets The Body,” published in “Anti-Heroin Chic literary magazine”, April 2020 Thank you, James Diaz

Where The Street Meets The Body is published in Anti-Heroin Chic Literary Magazine, April 2020. Thank you so much, James Diaz http://heroinchic.weebly.com/blog/where-the-street-meets-the-body-by-meg-tuite   … Continue reading

“His Gestures May Be Unremarkable” is nominated for Best of the Net by “Midway Review”, September 2019

His Gestures May Be Unremarkable Midway Journal and Ralph Pennel nominated His Gestures May Be UnremarkableĀ for Best of the Net, September 2019! Thank you so much! … Continue reading

“Separation of a Narcissist” is published in “Fictive Dream”, August 2019

https://fictivedream.com/ā€¦/08/09/separation-of-a-narcissist/ Thank you so much, Laura Black! “Separation of a Narcissist” is published in Fictive Dream. Thank you so much, Laura Black!!! August, 2019 … Continue reading