“Vulture of Habit,” was published in the Blue Fifth Review, March, 2012

https://bluefifthreview.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/winter-quarterly-ekphrastic-literature-february-2012-12-4/ Vulture of Habit was published in the Blue Fifth Review, Winter Quarterly Ekphrastic Issue, March, 2012  Thank you so much, Michelle Elvy and Sam Rasnake! … Continue reading

Book Review of Domestic Apparition by Paula Bomer up at The Nervous Breakdown

http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/pbomer/2012/02/review-of-domestic-apparition-by-meg-tuite/ Book Review of Domestic Apparition by Paula Bomer published in The Nervous Breakdown. Thank you so much, Paula Bomer, for an exceptional review!!! … Continue reading

Interview with Robert Vaughan at The Lit Pub on Domestic Apparition and everything, Feb. 2012

http://thelitpub.com/an-interview-with-meg-tuite/ Interview with Robert Vaughan up at The Lit Pub, Feb. 2012 On Domestic Apparition and everything else! Thank you so much, Robert, and Molly Gaudry for publishing it!!! I LOVE LIT PUB! … Continue reading

34th Parallel added a blurb on “Domestic Apparition” to their blog, Feb. 2012

http://34thparallel.blogspot.com/2012/01/domestic-apparition.html Thank you, Martin Chipperfield and Trace Sheridan Swan for adding “Domestic Apparition” up on your blog!!! I love 34th Parallel!!! Feb. 2012 … Continue reading

“Ask and You Shall Receive,” the February story for Exquisite Quartet is up at Used Furniture Review, Feb. 2012

http://usedfurniturereview.com/2012/02/10/ask-and-you-shall-receive-by-meg-tuites-exquisite-quartet/ The february story for Exquisite Quartet, Ask and You Shall Receive, is up at Used Furniture Review. Thank you so much, Ben Tanzer, Len Kuntz and Linda Hedrick. Great collaborative! … Continue reading

“Penicello,” was published in “Slut” Anthology through Pure Slush Magazine, Jan. 2012

http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/pure-slush-volume-1-slut/18717476 The “SLUT” Anthology is out and available. My story “Penicello” was included in this beauty put together by the amazing Matt Potter through Pure Slush Magazine. Get a copy!!! It’s outstanding! … Continue reading