“Three Wise Sisters” up at People Holding, December 2016

Three Wise Sisters is up at People Holding, December 2016 Thank you, Morgan Beatty!!!! And up there with Sara Lippmann, Kathy Fish, and Bud Smith! Three Wise Sisters • Meg Tuite … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Sunday Edition: review of ‘Worn-Out Fabric,” published in ‘People Holding,’ January 31 2016

https://www.101words.org/flash-fiction-sunday-edition-issue-40/ “Worn–Out Fabric” by Meg Tuite via People Holding… This story is a marvel of artistic originality and authorial vision. I’ve never read another like it. Thank you so much, Jon Sindell! … Continue reading

‘Three Wise Sisters,’ published in ‘People Holding’ and also audio reading, Dec. 2015

“Three Wise Sisters,” by Meg Tuite Three Wise Sisters published by People Holding, December 2015, audio reading also. Thank you so much, Morgan Beatty! … Continue reading

“Worn-out Fabric” published in “People Holding,” Nov. 2015

http://www.peopleholding.com/2015/11/01/worn-out-fabric-by-meg-tuite/ “Worn-out Fabric” published in People Holding, November 2015 inspired by this photo sent to me by Morgan Beatty: Thank you, Morgan, for publishing my story. … Continue reading