‘Always,’ a poem and photograph are published in Postcards, Poems & Prose, May 2014

http://postcardpoemsandprose.wordpress.com/2014/05/26/emblazoned-snapshot-by-meg-tuite/ Always, a poem, and a photograph we took from our truck at dusk in Santa Fe is published in Postcard, Poems & Prose. Thank you, Dave Morehouse! May 2014 … Continue reading

“To That Guy Who Never Gets It,” is published in ‘Regardless of Authority,’ February 2014

http://regardlessofauthority.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/meg-tuite-2/ To That Guy Who Never Gets It is published in Regardless of Authority Issue 5, February 2014 Thank you, Aleathia Drehmer! … Continue reading

“Hemisphere” is published in “Amethyst Arsenic,” along with a video reading of the poem, Winter 2014 Issue 4.1, January 2014

http://www.amethystarsenic.com/issues/4-1/meg-tuite.php Hemisphere is published in Amethyst Arsenic, Winter Issue 2014, 4.1, January 2014 Video reading of the poem and in print Guest editors, Kristine Ong-Muslim and Rosebud Ben-Oni and Samantha Milowsky … Continue reading

“Rapprochement Crisis” is published in Atticus Review. My poem, “If I say it was a dream, will you listen?’ voiceover in Marc Neys film, January 2014

http://atticusreview.org/rapprochement-crisis/ Rapprochement Crisis is published in Atticus Review, January 2014 Short film by Marc Neys with voice-over of my poem “If I say it was a dream, will you listen?” … Continue reading

“Boot Carnage,” is up at “Peony Moon,” a protest against rape campaign, November 2013

http://peonymoon.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/protest-against-rape-wednesday-may-be-triggering/ Boot Carnage is up at Peony Moon, a protest against rape campaign, November 2013 Thank you, Michelle McGrath, for all that you do! … Continue reading