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New Work and AWP!

New Work and AWP!

I have a new story in Moon City, “She Got The Her On Him Who They Still Speak Of In Relapsed Gender.” Here’s a picture of the issue, and one of me with the editor, Michael Czyzniejewski.

I have another piece up, “In Flight,” in the new issue of Bull. Here’s the publication, along with a photo of me and editor Benjamin Drevlow.

It was great to see them at AWP!

New Story at Fictive Dream

“‘No Worries,’ Said the Woman” is now live at Fictive Dream! You can read it here. It begins with a quote by Kate Braverman:

‘And in the manicured parks, only violets and lilacs and asters. All the colors of bruises, violence and disaster.’

–Kate Braverman
New Story at Reservoir Road

New Story at Reservoir Road

I’m pleased to see my new story, “Hospice Care Suffers No Down Time,” published at Reservoir Road. Here’s the first paragraph:

Clouds rake across the sky, my pancreas. A Chinese doctor says my pulse is dry, white. An exact description of the only wine I buy. I stick out my tongue. He nods and writes down notes I don’t care to decipher. He loads up a bag with tonics the color of dead leaves.

Read the whole thing here.

New Story in Airgonauts

My story “No Time For Toxic Modesty’ was published in October issue of ‘The Airgonaut’ by Sheldon Lee Compton.

Darren studied the latest sign. He’d already dumped four of them into the woodpile. This one didn’t look too bad. He chose flesh-tone paint. His work was all about nature. He labored over each letter, because, no, he was not a painter.

“No Time for Toxic Modesty”
Some “Chaos Questions”

Some “Chaos Questions”

Thanks to Sheldon Lee Compton for these Chaos Questions — a unique interview! We begin:

SHELDON LEE COMPTON: In 50 words or less please explain Bob Evan’s restaurant to my alien friend Charlie. By the way, he faints when you reference food in any way at all.

MEG TUITE: “Get up, Charlie, croon to the smelling-salts of sausage! History churns through sizzling cud. Ohio, 1944: Bob writhes when Jewell blings his deep pocket ears, a plaid-eyed fellow-wagging-tongue bleeding into packaged sweat of the national H- hall of fame: halitosis, heart-attack, hemorrhoids, humdingers. Charlie, wake-up! Mornings swoon to marry Bob.

—Chaos Questions

Read the whole interview here.

New Publication at Bull

New Publication at Bull

I have a new story in Bull: “Brunophant: An Ode to Bruno Schultz.” Well, it’s not a new story. It was originally published in an anthology, Smoked Mirrors, edited by Ken Robidoux.

Small rooms can chain us to tiny destinies. I envisioned myself bent over my desk at home whenever I was away. Murky, diminutive and crammed with drawings and scribbled paper, my transparency there brought other worlds alive. It was the only room with a fate.

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