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FBOMB Denver, 2022

Here’s a video from a recent FBOMB reading, this time in Denver, hosted along with Robert Vaughan. The featured readers were Nancy Stohlman and Kona Morris.

“For What It’s Worth” at Revolution John

I’ve just had a new story published at Revolution John—thanks to Sheldon Compton.

“For What It’s Worth” begins:

Emmett had his savings in a tube sock he kept in a locked drawer in his home desk. Yes, every time a new construction site went up it was for a new bank, but his parents had been through the Great Depression and lost a bundle. After that, his Dad punched a hole through the back of his closet and set up his own savings deposit box.

Emmett’s was less dramatic…

Read the whole thing here.

“Drive By” was nominated by “Midway Journal” for “The Best Short Fiction Anthology”, November 2021

Thank you so much, Ralph Pennel and Midway Journal, for nominating “Drive By” for The Best Short Fiction Anthology, November 2021

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White Van by Meg Tuite

White Van

by Meg Tuite

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