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Planked by the Abyss

Planked by the Abyss

My new book is coming soon from Whisk(e)y Tit! Planked by the Abyss is a collection of very short stories, some of which were previously published in places like Invisible City, The Argonaut, Moon City Review, HOBART, Cowboy Jamboree, and Word West Press.

Each piece begins with an epigraph from great writers and artists, from Jane Bowles to Hank Williams.

And here’s the cover, featuring a collage by Kevin Sampsell (Future Tense Books) and designed by Adam Robinson (Publishing Genius Press).

Advance Praise

Reading Planked by the Abyss is not only like reading something completely different, but like reading for the first time. Each of Tuite’s sentences feel like a poem. Put together into a story, they feel like an experience. Put together all the stories and it’s like I have a new perspective I could never have foreseen, a new understanding of what fiction can do. — Michael Czyzniejewski, author of The Amnesiac in the Maze: Stories

Stories have always been medicine. And what is medicine but a movement toward the center? Written in a precise voice with exacting language, Planked by the Abyss is a descent and a reckoning. Sometimes a yawp, sometimes a punch, but always a movement toward the things that must be said and can only be said by this writer. Simply stunning. – Dominique Christina, Author, Educator, and Conceptual Installation Artist

Meg Tuite’s towering imagery is premium poetic; it sparks and catapults the thought of each sentence beyond the center then pulls everything right back to the core. Pay close attention! Intentional outlying signals stitch their properties onto each narrative’s promise. Lines like “She leaned into the hours of a clock,” “Don’t get all drizzly on me now. I got lightning beating thunder under this skin,” and, “Damn if she isn’t vertical as a dead marriage,” remind me of how good it is to have surrealist escape hatches tucked away in a hurtling life. Planked By the Abyss is a taut and sharply-awakening collection that goes to the top of my go-to reading pile when I need a shot of creative caffeine. I’m a huge fan of Meg Tuite’s writing, and you should be too. – Ignatius Valentine Aloysius, author of the novel Fishhead. Curator and host of the popular reading series Sunday Salon Chicago

Meg Tuite’s new collections brims with voluptuous sentences and deep emotion. Whether they are flash fictions or narrative poems, about Robert Crumb’s brother or an unnamed dying woman in hospice, they are all love and pain, humor and profound sadness. Tuite’s work is alive with wonder, always asking, how is that we make it through this life? She has no answer but shows us the way nonetheless. Tuite is the master of this short hybrid form, shying away from nothing, opening up the reader’s heart with her stunning words. – Paula Bomer, author of Inside Madeline

In Meg Tuite’s exquisite and clever collection, Planked by the Abyss, each compressed and swelling line scars the tragic with hope and burns triumphantly. Page by page dense and willowy prose grabs the reader by the throat while ticking humor slices with titles like, “Runaway pronoun for grief,” “It’s never lonely in a leotard,” and “Every kid knows the price.” Storm full legged with Tuite through these domestic spaces of marriages, moves, deaths, drinks, drives, and oh, the bodies of broken and brave children. You’ll find the rough rub and rush of tattered life all here in lines pulled mesmerizingly taut and slack as marionettes. – Deirdre Fagan, author of Phantom Limbs and Find a Place for Me

Meg Tuite’s Planked by the Abyss is a soiled jubilation of hacked adenoids, pithy dimples, road trips, a prescient elephant, and a horny chihuahua. With fearless juxtapositions and raging rhyme, Tuite guides us through a world that conjures destruction while demanding awe. It is a place of artistic salvation and wonder, even as death looms, reminding us how marvelous and doomed we are. – Wendy Oleson, author of Everywhere, Tony Danza

No one writes sentences like Meg Tuite, who has a voice so unique it’s a literary fingerprint. These stories are alive and unpredictable, beautiful and dangerous like a forest of angels’ trumpets. With unmistakable style, Tuite captives in sentences so oddly poetic, so deeply surreal, they are sentient beings blooming with bizarro brilliance and the bewitchingly, timely wisdom of uncanny reality. – Aimee Parkison, author of Suburban Death Project

“Runaway Pronoun for Grief” in Gone Lawn

I have a story “Runaway Pronoun For Grief” published in Gone Lawn Literary Journal, Issue #54. Thank you to Owen Wyke and Amy Cipolla Barnes for the publication.

“After that, there was nothing but our voices between us and everything that voices always seem just about to say and never do.”

–Louis-Ferdinand Celine

New Poem

My poem “Dusty Spaces Under the Skin” was just published in Revolution John. Read it here!

Thank you to Neil Smith.

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