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Review of “Awakenings” by Diane Gottlieb

At Cowboy Jamboree, I recently published a review of Awakenings: Stories of Body & Consciousness (ELJ Editions 2023).

Diane Gottlieb has edited a collection of essays on the body & consciousness. The entire body in parts. Written by an incredible group of writers who don’t shy away from the love, the shame, the panic, the diseases, the vulnerable parts of ourselves! This collection should be taught in schools and be a necessary addition to any book club! OPRAH, WHERE ARE YOU?
The collection is separated into eight sections…

Interview with Diane Gottlieb

I had a great conversation with Diane Gottlieb at her website. Here’s her flattering introduction:

Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful! Kind, Generous, Wise! I don’t want to forget fun and funny, serious and sunny!  Oh, what a great joy it is to bring you a convo with a woman who is ALL OF THAT and more! Meg Tuite! Did I mention supremely talented? Colorful? (Check out all the pics of her amazing animals and Santa Fe home!) I can think of no better person to ring in the New Year with!

Blink-Ink #53

My story, “Abuse,” was published in Blink-Ink #53 titled SECRETS. Thank you to Sally Reno and Doug Mathewson.

Bending Genres 2023 Writers Retreat

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