Domestic Apparition

San Francisco Bay Press, 2012
152 pages

“Meg Tuite’s incendiary Domestic Apparition, an anti-bildungsroman, reads as if Jean Cocteau’s Les Enfants Terribles, Joyce’s Dubliners and a hallucinatory draught of green absinthe all combined to create a secret, rule-less world of precocious siblings punking the piteous yet unrelenting hypocrisies of American family, school and church even as they are swept by childhood’s inexorable current into a compromised, haunted, fragile adulthood. With incisive wit, a poet’s flair for innovative revolt, precisely rendered characters wild for truth and trespass, Tuite’s Domestic Apparition is savage, arch, deeply tender – a triumphant debut novel.”

—Melissa Pritchard, author of eight novels and four short story collections, her latest The Odditorium