Exquisite Duet 2016 Anthology is available for purchase, September 2017


The Exquisite Duet 2016 Anthology is available for purchase. The brilliant writers include: Aaron Apps, Christopher Allen, Paul Beckman, Matthew Burnside, Jonathan Cardew, Marty Case, James Claffey, Antonia Crane, Steven Dunn, Kathy Fish, Brian Alan Ellis, Deborah Henry, Ashley Inguanta, Oliver Knudsen, Tara Laskowski, Elise Levine, Jen Michalski, Kona Morris, Sheila O’Connor, Michael Pollock, Charles Rafferty, Cassie Premo Steele, David Steward, John Van Wagner, and edited by Meg Tuite. Design done by the brilliant Adam Robinson. Cover by Norma Jones who this is dedicated to. She is missed every day! LOVE! xoxox