Praise for Meg’s Work

me reading_AWP 2015The abundant talents of Meg Tuite are in full force in her latest chapbook, Her Skin is a Costume: a poet’s ear for language, a searing eye for the macabre, crackling wit and unflinching heart. Like her high-octane, exuberant prose style, Tuite’s defiant cast of characters cannot be contained by “the captivity of convention.” Together, these unflinching pieces forge a dark portrait of an American family wracked by violence, sex, illness, despair and substance abuse, one held together, however tenuously, by the recklessness and resiliency of the human spirit. Tuite’s startling voice and bold vision are irresistible, leaving the reader eager to consume more from this author.
–Sara Lippmann, author of Doll Palace


“Meg Tuite writes these stories like secret storms. You won’t notice until after how wrecked the lawn of your brain has become, as these stories sneak up and roll over you in the best way. Tuite’s characters are the bravest frightened animals, caught out in a bright light—their beautiful, terrible choices exposed and devastating.”
—Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies


“Deep empathy rises inside you as you read Meg Tuite’s brilliant story collection, Bound By Blue. From the first page, the characters, their flaws, their movements are so alive you feel as if you know them – and you do – because they are a part of you. Stunning, thought-provoking, gripping, these exquisite stories mix haunting memories with humor and grit. They will leave you with a stronger sense of our shared humanity. A masterful story collection.”
—Deborah Henry, author of The Whipping Club (named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012 and selected for O Magazine July Summer Reading Issue)


Meg Tuite’s Lined Up Like Scars artfully explores the irony, absurdity, tragedy, humor—and somehow, through it all, love—of dysfunctional family dynamics. The energy of Tuite’s off-kilter, poetic prose dazzles on every page of this fine book.
–Tom Hazuka, editor of Best American Flash Fiction of the 21st Century


Meg Tuite’s collection, Lined Up Like Scars, is a brave and beautiful book that both stuns and disturbs.
–Sheila O’Connor, author of Where No Gods Came and Tokens of Grace.


“Meg Tuite’s quirky worlds force a funhouse mirror in front of the freak show of life. There’s poison buried deep in the candy that’s Bound By Blue, but you will be a better person, once you’ve let it kill you softly—the ache, the beauty and the pain molding you into a more perfect being.”
—Brian Allen Carr, author of Vampire Conditions