Tuite is a master music- and metaphor-maker, combining remarkable character complexity with almost impossible compression, as if she’s squeezed a four-hundred-page novel into forty pages. Once readers have read this book—in one sitting no less—they’ll be as obsessed with it as I am, reading it again and again and still saying, Did that really just happen? Tuite’s world shows us that behind the mask of “normal” family, madness is “as close as Mom’s floral upholstery” and childhood is “the scab that never heals.”
—Lex Williford, author of Macauley’s Thumb and Coeditor of the Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction

Meg Tuite’s fiction is wild, witty, and innovative. In the world of these stories, the pope sometimes morphs into a stuffed animal, an older sister suggests smoking the whole nickel bag and a tomato is massacred in a domestic dispute. Contemporary in feel and original in approach, Tuite’s work gives the reader quite a ride–one that is also full of insight and a crazy wisdom compassion.
—Miriam Sagan, author of over twenty books, her latest, Map of the Lost, and a memoir, Searching For The Mustard Seed

Meg Tuite’s characters are a riot, and anyone who’s lived with siblings will recognize and love them. Meg pins them to the family corkboard with deadly accuracy!
—Martin Chipperfield and Trace Sheridan Swan, The 34th Parallel Editors

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