Planked by the Abyss

Planked by the Abyss

My new book is coming soon from Whisk(e)y Tit! Planked by the Abyss is a collection of very short stories, some of which were previously published in places like Invisible City, The Argonaut, Moon City Review, HOBART, Cowboy Jamboree, and Word West Press. Each piece...

“Runaway Pronoun for Grief” in Gone Lawn

I have a story “Runaway Pronoun For Grief” published in Gone Lawn Literary Journal, Issue #54. Thank you to Owen Wyke and Amy Cipolla Barnes for the publication. “After that, there was nothing but our voices between us and everything that voices always...

New Poem

My poem “Dusty Spaces Under the Skin” was just published in Revolution John. Read it here! Thank you to Neil Smith.

“Whitecaps” Archived

My story “Whitecaps” has been placed in the RF Arc Hive! Thank you so so much to Tiffany M Storrs and Roi Faineant staff! Here’s the link.