New Story

“Memories That Smell Like Mother” published in Issue 5 of Invisible City Literary Review Thank you to Ben Briggs.
New Piece at Anti-Heroin Chic

New Piece at Anti-Heroin Chic

I’ve got a new piece at Anti-Heroin Chic called “No One Asks How Old a Seashell Is?” It begins: Upholstered and isolated, food is canned and repressed, but beverages corner the caged scars of summer. I suck the marrow out of bottles. Today the kid...

“For What It’s Worth” at Revolution John

I’ve just had a new story published at Revolution John—thanks to Sheldon Compton. “For What It’s Worth” begins: Emmett had his savings in a tube sock he kept in a locked drawer in his home desk. Yes, every time a new construction site went up...

New Story at Fictive Dream

I’ve got a new story up at Fictive Dream. THE GIRL’S CUT into us before, so we must be cautious, slippery and set down the script beneath razors, black-outs, speed, any drugs that grapple to keep us unhinged. Read the whole thing here.