Two New Reviews of WHITE VAN

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Book Reviews & Interviews

Thanks to Jonathan Montgomery for his kind review of White Van. He’s written a long and thoughtful post, part of which says,

Meg chooses to do battle with trauma, injustice, and the inherent cruelty of the world with an arsenal of pure language. This is a work more interested in the lyricism of criminality, the lexicon of desperation, and the poetry of bruises than audience-comforting elements such as narrative cohesion or conflict resolution

– Jonathan Montgomery

You can read the whole thing here.

And hats off to Jonathan for his website’s beautiful typography.

And also thanks to Su Zi for her review of the book, which can be read at GAS: Poetry, Art & Music. She begins,

Monsters are an ancient memory, a symbol, a staple of genre. Works thus of horror tend to time the reveal of their monsters, be it a frightening fog or a franchise of mutated outer space lizards. Not so in White Van, where the monster are monsters, unnamed, unseen. While a typical horror offering might involve the eternally invisible, it is precisely the prosaic settings Tuite depicts that make the work so horrifying.

– Su Zi at Gas