Some “Chaos Questions”

by | Nov 13, 2022 | Book Reviews & Interviews

Thanks to Sheldon Lee Compton for these Chaos Questions — a unique interview! We begin:

SHELDON LEE COMPTON: In 50 words or less please explain Bob Evan’s restaurant to my alien friend Charlie. By the way, he faints when you reference food in any way at all.

MEG TUITE: “Get up, Charlie, croon to the smelling-salts of sausage! History churns through sizzling cud. Ohio, 1944: Bob writhes when Jewell blings his deep pocket ears, a plaid-eyed fellow-wagging-tongue bleeding into packaged sweat of the national H- hall of fame: halitosis, heart-attack, hemorrhoids, humdingers. Charlie, wake-up! Mornings swoon to marry Bob.

—Chaos Questions

Read the whole interview here.